The Fall

I was sitting in a tavern at a corner table, a pot of tea at my elbow, writing up my…

Interview with Ysmelda

Sehm is much as Reaper described it, an insignificant city trying too hard to appear important. There appear to have…

Dorthund’s ‘On Magical Artefacts’

ON MAGICAL ARTEFACTS1 Translator’s Note: This text, though incomplete and containing many lacunae, is still of immense interest. From what…

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DJ Chamberlain


DJ Chamberlain is a notoriously camera-shy gaijin who lives in Sapporo, Japan with his family and their cat, Tom, the terror of keyboards everywhere. By day DJ is an ESL teacher, an editor, and an ardent amateur cook. By night (and, truthfully, during the majority of the daylight hours also), he is a writer of a variety of flavours of fantastic fiction. Born in Adelaide, Australia, DJ spent most of his formative years buried in books that talked about more exciting places – deserted isles, African plains and jungles, Hyperborea, Egypt, Mordor, Medieval Europe. He has received remuneration for work done as a gardener, a cleaner, a cook, a charity collector, a baker, a door-to-door salesman, a waiter, a gas station attendant, a tutor, a bartender, an office assistant, an ESL teacher, a freelance editor, a freelance writer, a translator, and an English teacher. His primary occupation, however, has always been writing.