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Reaper Hawk the Avenger

Praise for DJ Chamberlain's Books

“A true homage to old-school Sword and Sorcery. A great read!!”
– Luke Crewe (Amazon Reviewer)

“If you like fantasy, especially fantasy with a lot of hand-to-hand fighting in a far off land beyond the earth, you'll love DJ. A first class fantasy adventure.”
– G. Polley (Amazon Reviewer)


Reaper Hawk is the Oath-Sworn Avenger!

Oath-sworn to avenge his friend's murder, Reaper must slay an immortal warrior and face a mad god to reclaim his honour.

Avenger is Reaper Hawk's tale of his search for vengeance against those who conspired to slay his friend. His search leads him against monsters, assassins, and an immortal warrior who consorts with dark gods. It leads through fire, chaos, and revolt to an unexpected threat from Reaper's people's past.

After a long and bloody civil war, Reaper is ready to settle down and enjoy the spoils of victory, but when his shield-brother is murdered by a magic-wielding warrior, Reaper takes a blood-oath to exact vengeance against any and all involved. Reaper travels from city to city and slowly uncovers the rot eating at the heart of them all, a rot created by ancient betrayals and dark deeds. At the heart of it all is an ancient hero, a fallen god, a legend amongst Reaper's own people.

We all have campfire tales to tell, stories about heroism or stupidity. Reaper Hawk's stories tell of the rise and fall of nations and gods. In Avenger, Reaper tells the tale of the death of his friend and the convoluted path Reaper took to avenge his murder. A path that saw kingdoms fall and new ones rise from their ashes. A path that pitted him against a demoness and an immortal warrior. A path that took him back into history to face one of the world's greatest generals, fiercest warriors, and most terrible warlords. Some things are worse than death, and in Avenger, Reaper comes face to face with some of them, and comes away scarred by the encounter.

Reaper Hawk the Avenger is the third book in the Lysandrian Tales series, by author DJ Chamberlain. It's a stand-alone sword and sorcery novella after the flavour of Conan the Barbarian and Thongor. If you like Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, and Michael Moorcock, then you'll love Reaper Hawk the Avenger. It's a fast-paced sword and sorcery story full of duels and dark heroism and just a dash of irreverent humour.

Not suitable for young readers.

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