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Reaper Hawk the Barbarian

The tale of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth as you’ve never heard it before!

There are two types of people in the world, those you'd share a drink with and those you’d want by your side when the wyrm of chaos shows up. Reaper is definitely one of the latter.

Reaper has a gift for making odd friends, but the Minotaur of Cretia is the oddest one yet. At first it was all beer and roast boar, but when the minotaur’s girlfriend returns, things start to heat up. Defeating the labyrinth and killing an evil wizard was just the start.

Questing for adventure in the far east, Reaper meets the Minotaur of Cretia and becomes embroiled in his quest to recover his stolen humanity and reunite with his lost love. Before they’re done, they’ll have to navigate the legendary labyrinth, fight an evil wizard, negotiate with angry townsfolk and dreaming dragons, and face their own greatest fears. If they fail, the entire world will eventually fall to monsters created by unbridled chaos. If they succeed, they might survive.

Reaper Hawk the Barbarian is the second book in the Lysandrian Tales series by author DJ Chamberlain. It’s a stand-alone sword and sorcery novelette after the flavour of Conan the Barbarian and Thongor. If you like Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, Michael Moorcock, and Steven Brust, then you’ll love Reaper Hawk the Barbarian. It’s a fast-paced sword and sorcery story full of duels and dark heroism and just a dash of irreverent humour.

Read the first chapter HERE.

Reaper Hawk the Barbarian was previously released as Minotaur.

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