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Reaper Hawk: Demon

Praise for DJ Chamberlain's books

“A true homage to old-school Sword and Sorcery. A great read!!”
– Luke Crewe (Amazon Reviewer)

“If you like fantasy, especially fantasy with a lot of hand-to-hand fighting in a far off land beyond the earth, you'll love DJ. A first class fantasy adventure.”
– G. Polley (Amazon Reviewer)



Contains spoilers for Reaper Hawk: Sorceress


Reaper Hawk is a lost soul until he rediscovers an old purpose, revenge.

Orlena, the love of Reaper’s life, is gone. The witch and her demon who conspired against her are dead, or so Reaper thinks. Reaper has lost the will to live, but can’t stay dead. The atrocities he committed the last time someone killed him have left scars on his soul. Then he discovers that Byhin, the demon behind the plots against Orlena, is still alive, and still plotting the destruction of everything she loved. And with that discovery, he rediscovers the fire that made him the most feared man in all the civilised realms.

Reaper Hawk: Demon is the fourth story in the Reaper Hawk Series by DJ Chamberlain. If you like your fantasy with lots of action and adventure then you’ll love the Reaper Hawk stories.

Previously published as Reaper Hawk: Byhin


Book Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Reaper Hawk, and Sword & Sorcery