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Reaper Hawk: Gladiator

Praise for Gladiator!

“A true homage to old-school Sword and Sorcery. A great read!!”
– Luke Crewe (Amazon Reviewer)

“If you like fantasy, especially fantasy with a lot of hand-to-hand fighting in a far off land beyond the earth, you'll love DJ. A first class fantasy adventure.”
– G. Polley (Amazon Reviewer)

“Gladiator remake with monsters and magic.”
– Regdog Mittens (Amazon Reviewer)


Reaper Hawk – mightiest warrior in all Lysandria – tells the tale of his first quest in this gripping adventure of swords and sorcery, virtue and vengeance. Too many questers have vanished in the Empire, and now the Igniian clans are bent on exacting retribution from the faithless D’nurans. But dead men tell no tales and Reaper wants answers. Questing ahead of the horde, Reaper falls prey to a wily slaver and ends up fighting for his life, his freedom, and the answers that are always just out of his grasp. Time is short. Once the horde descends, all chance of discovering the truth will be lost. Before he can get his answers, he’ll have to win his freedom, but neither will come easy.

The first of the Reaper Hawk sword & sorcery series. “Reaper Hawk: Gladiator” was originally titled “Battle Pits of D’nur.” This is the author's 2017 edition with bonus story.

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Formerly released as Battle Pits of D’nur.

Book Categories: Fiction, Reaper Hawk, Sword & Sorcery, and Young Adult