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Reaper Hawk: Minotaur

Reaper Hawk – mightiest warrior in all Lysandria – tells the tale of the minotaur in this gripping adventure of sword and sorcery, monsters and mayhem. Questing for adventure in the far east, Reaper meets the minotaur and becomes embroilled in his quest to recover his stolen humanity and reunite with his lost love. Before they are done, they’ll have to fight wizards and wyrms and overcome their own greatest fears, but if they’re successful, they’ll turn back the tide of chaos and restore order to the world.

Minotaur is the fifth book in the Reaper Hawk series by author DJ Chamberlain. If you like Michael Moorcock, Robert E. Howard, and Lin Carter, then you’ll love Minotaur. It is fast-paced sword and sorcery story with monsters, wizards, dragons, dark heroism, and just a dash of irreverent humour.

Reaper Hawk: Minotaur is a 15,000 word novelette.


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Book Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Reaper Hawk, Sword & Sorcery, and Young Adult