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Reaper Hawk: Sorceress

Praise for DJ Chamberlain's Books

“A true homage to old-school Sword and Sorcery. A great read!!”
– Luke Crewe (Amazon Reviewer)

“If you like fantasy, especially fantasy with a lot of hand-to-hand fighting in a far off land beyond the earth, you'll love DJ. A first class fantasy adventure.”
– G. Polley (Amazon Reviewer)

When things get really dark, you might have to trust a monster in order to escape a devil.

Orlena’s father was murdered by a demon that now plagues her city. Not sure who she can trust, she turns to Reaper Hawk, a barbarian mercenary, for aid. Together they discover a plot centuries in the fruition, millennia in the making. They must face their darkest fears and overcome incredible odds if they are going to succeed in defeating the sorceress who threatens not only them, but the sanity and souls of everyone in the kingdom. Sometimes, when things are really bleak, surviving is the only victory you can claim, and even that might be too much to hope for.

Sorceress is the third book in the Reaper Hawk series by author DJ Chamberlain. If you like R.A. Salvatore and Steven Brust, then you’ll love Sorceress. It’s a fast-paced sword and sorcery story with duels, demons, love, revenge, sorcery, and dark heroism, and just a dash of irreverent humour.

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Book Categories: Fiction, Reaper Hawk, and Sword & Sorcery