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Welcome to Black Stump Books!

Black Stump Books is an Indie Publisher specialising in fantastic fiction — sword & sorcery, steam punk, epic fantasy, and urban fantasy. Sign up here to get our newsletter and a free copy of Reaper Hawk: The Last Stand, the original short story that started the whole Reaper Hawk series.

Cover Reveal

Just got the cover for DJ Chamberlain's new novella, Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D'nur. Check it out.

Book Release Announcement

Black Stump Books is proud to announce the release of Derek Chamberlain’s fantasy novella, Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D’nur, on August 15. Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D’nur is a fresh take on heroic Sword and Sorcery. It is a story of courage, commitment, betrayal, and revenge. A young

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