About DJC

Sorceress original artHi. I thought I'd drop a little information about me for those who are curious.

I'm an expat Australian. I've been living in Japan for over twenty years now. My day job is teaching English as a second language, among other language related activities. Which should mean that I’m a lot more comfortable doing this self-introduction thing than I am. Truth to tell though, I usually only start with my name and get the students to practice their English by asking me for the rest. So coming right out and talking about myself feels a little freaky.

I’ve been writing as a hobby for more decades than I care to remember, since I was in Primary School (Elementary or Grade School for you folks who aren’t from Down Under). My first novel was a monstrosity that I spent something like twelve years developing the universe for. That book got tossed into the back of the filing cabinet almost as soon as it was done. One of these days I’ll probably take a stab at rewriting it. In the meantime, all that universe building isn’t going to waste, all my series are set in it. I have a couple of short stories floating around somewhere that are in their own worlds, but they’re micro-fiction and will probably never see the glow of a Kindle screen.

I've been publishing my own fiction since 2014 when I first learned about the Indie Revolution and decided to jump on that band wagon. Before that, I was a freelance writer for several local magazines and newspapers and also did editing and translating. I doubt anyone's seen my work unless either they've been to Sapporo, or they read medical journals.

My life is pretty much filled up with teaching and writing these days, but I do like to cook. In fact, when I was younger and was prepared to listen to all the advice that said that you couldn't make a living as a writer, I trained to be a cook so I'd have a way to make money while I wrote. I still do a fair bit of cooking these days, though not as much as either I, or my family, would like, the price of being an English teacher.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit reply on any of the BSB Reader's Club emails or you can contact me HERE.