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Reaper Hawk is a lost soul until he rediscovers an old purpose, revenge.

Reaper Hawk the barbarian, the greatest warrior in the world, has lost all joy in life. His soul-mate is dead, as are those who claimed her life. Since losing her, Reaper has lost the will to live, but cannot die, as the people of D’vo discovered, to their horror, when they tried to execute him. Doomed to live forever without love, without even the challenge of a good fight, he retreats to Trollgate and life amongst the pacifist trogs while seeking oblivion in a bottle. Fate, though, has other plans, and when an ally of the trogs goes missing, Reaper is sent to find him, paving the way for old scores to be settled, and new friendships to be formed.

Faced with a demon, spell-bound armies, and recalcitrant allies, Reaper must find a way to beard the demon in its lair and overcome it. This time he has to ensure it stays dead, even if that means slaying every living soul in the lands the demon calls home.

Byhin is the second book in the Undying Saga by author DJ Chamberlain. If you like Michael Moorcock, R.A. Salvatore, and Steven Brust, then you’ll love Byhin. It’s fast-paced sword and sorcery story with duels, demons, love, revenge, sorcery, and dark heroism, and just a dash of irreverent humour.

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