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The VIP Club has a limited membership that is open only to people who leave reviews of DJ's books.

Every author needs a review team, a group of readers they know they can count on to read their books quickly and leave honest reviews. Reviews are important. They are social proof that other people are reading the book and enjoying the experience enough to take the time to comment on it. When they see that other people have left reviews, they're also more likely to leave reviews of their own. The reviews a review team leaves starts that ball rolling, hopefully turning it into an avalanche.

So that's why I need help with reviews, but this isn't all about me. You buy my book and leave a nice review and then I get to sell more books and, eventually, make a living doing this writing thing. I could say that this benefits you too, because the more time I can dedicate to writing, the more writing I'll get done and the more books you'll have to read, but that might come off as a bit self-serving, so I won't say that.

What I will say is that I want everyone in the VIP Club to be getting something out of their membership, something more than just ALL OF MY BOOKS, for FREE, and WEEKS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE gets a chance to see them. Now, I can't promise you PRIZES (though there will be the chance for things like signed print editions) because offering anything other than the book itself in exchange for a review is against not only Amazon's Terms of Service, but the FCC regulations in the US (and, I'm guessing, it's also against the regulations of whatever agencies fill the same roll as the FCC in other countries). What I can say is that I appreciate reviewers and I'm liable to show that appreciation in various ways. If you're interested, click the link below to sign up to the VIP Club, if not, well, thanks for reading this far. 🙂


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