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The Battle Pit

Reiver Two Swords stood alone on the sands of the Battle Pit of Dnur.  About him lay the bodies of forty-nine fighters, many of their spirits sent to the feast in Dath's hall by Reiver's hand.  Yet Reiver still stood, blades in hand.  After two years of captivity he had grown accomplished at waiting patiently for something new to be thrown against him. Dnur's citizens filled the stands that encircled the Pit with their chanting of his name.  The barbarian in the Pit raised his eyes to the Imperial Box and the sweating form of the corpulent wearer of the Ivory Crown.  Reiver's eyes lingered long upon the barely concealed curves of the girl clad in slave silk who held the Emperor's cup.  He had already decided she would be his.  She looked upon him with both contempt and admiration, contempt for a man fallen slave, admiration for a man who still stood after a Bout of Fifty. Reiver's eyes didn't miss the flash of anger that crossed the Emperor's face, nor the command that caused the slave-girl to blanche.  Minutes later the Beast-gate creaked open and the crowd fell silent.  Nothing stirred in the darkness behind the gate for several long seconds and Reiver stood, silent and poised, waiting.  Then, with a roar that elicited screams, both startled and excited, from many in the crowd, a giant mountain grinyt charged onto the sands, straight for the lone warrior. Reiver dove to the side as the grinyt landed on the…


Battle Pits of D'nur just re-released with an updated cover and a new title to match the style of the other books.

Book Release Announcement

Black Stump Books is proud to announce the release of Derek Chamberlain’s fantasy novella, Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D’nur, on August 15. Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D’nur is a fresh take on heroic Sword and Sorcery. It is a story of courage, commitment, betrayal, and revenge. A young barbarian warrior leaves his home in search of a name and on a quest for his vanished friends and clan mates. His search for the truth takes him into the Battle-Pits of D'nur where he is forced to fight humans and beasts. His quest leads him into conflict with some of the Empire's most powerful people who are determined to see him dead. Betrayal is met with rough justice, corruption with cleansing fire. Told as a tale to a troublesome minstrel, the clear voice and tight prose of this novella bring some much needed humility and humour to the grim business of being a youthful hero. Look for the cover reveal here on August 1st.