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On The Occult Disciplines

Ge’thyrimancy relies almost wholly upon Talent with lore coming an important second and ritual coming an almost inconsequential third. A’thyrimancy, like Ge’thyrimancy, depends mostly on Talent and lore, though ritual, as an aid to concentration and focus is important. Chi’thyrimancy, on the other hand, depends fairly equally upon ritual and

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Dorthund’s ‘On Magical Artefacts’

ON MAGICAL ARTEFACTS1 Translator’s Note: This text, though incomplete and containing many lacunae, is still of immense interest. From what remains, and the hints we can garner from what was vandalised, we are able to determine a great deal about the state of, and attitude towards, magical objects in Dorthund’s

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On The Berserk-Gift

[Translator’s Note: The first part of this book was damaged beyond the recovery of anything that made sense. All that was left was individual words and fragments of words. Fortunately, most of the section on the Berserk-Gift, short as it was, remained largely intact. It made for fascinating reading.] Even

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